Private Yoga Class- 60-90 minutes

Have specific yoga poses you want to work on? Need help creating a home practice you can stick to? Can't make it to class, and need more guidance than an online video. A private yoga session may be for you. During this time have an entire session dedicated to your needs and crafted to suit your goals. Take home a customized practice to use each day and get insight on your burning questions from an expert yogi.  

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Customized Yoga Breath Work- 30 minutes

Practice the art of yogic breathing through a guided breath work one-on-one session. As a yogi I have suffered from asthma, and have utilized several breathing methods to help me achieve maximum breath and to help me lead a healthier life style. Get some inside tips and techniques to help you breathe easier. 

Please note this is not a breathing course to get you off medication or substitute advice from a medical professional* It is simply methods to help in creating a stronger relationship with your breath and be in addition to your current therapies that you use.

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Special Occasions- I'm happy to work with you to plan a yoga class that will fit your event too. Email me to work on the type of class and goals you have for your special event.

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*Please use the email to reach out - I'd love to  work with you *